Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NAZA bring toyota estima to Malaysia

What a great opportunity

Naza World have announced that they are set to bring in a series of hybrid powered vehicles for sale in the Malaysian market in the coming months. Their efforts start with the Toyota Estima Hybrid previewed to the media earlier today.

The first gen Estima Hybrid, the world's first hybrid-powered MPV was launched in Japan in 2001, featured innovative systems such as the E-Four electric four-wheel-drive system and the ECB (Electronically Controlled Brake) system. Naza has brought us the second generation versions, featuring the second incarnation of the Toyota Hybrid System (THS II), or better known as Hybrid Synergy Drive.

Providing the petrol-powered part of the Estima Hybrid's propulsion is a 2.4-litre inline-4 engine. Partnering it to form the THS II system are a pair of electric motors, one driving each axle. The front motor is coupled to a speed reduction device which is said to 'amplify torque', thereby 'efficiently conveying drive power'. A variable voltage system steps up battery voltage from 245 V to 600 V before it reaches the motors, a move said to further increase output.

According to Naza, Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has tested the Estima Hybrid's fuel consumption figure to 20.0 km/l. Acceleration figures are impressive, with the century sprint completed in 10.8 seconds, and the trunk-road-critical 40-70kph pass is accomplished in 4.2 seconds.

Two reconditioned units of the Estima Hybrid MPV, barely a year old each, have been imported from Japan, and priced at RM268k OTR excluding insurance (it should add up to about RM275k all-in). Don't bother whipping out the cheque book yet though. They've been sold. You'll need to wait for the next shipment.